Unlimited Priorities Corporation Receives 2009 Best of Business Award

Small Business Commerce Association’s Award Honors the Achievement

Cape Coral, FL (December 8,2009)Unlimited Priorities, a company specializing in support for organizations within the information industry, has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award, Management Consulting Services, by the Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA).

SBCA is a San Francisco-based private sector entity providing tactical guidance on the many issues faced by small businesses. Utilizing consumer feedback, the SBCA 2009 Award Program identifies the top 5% of companies that have demonstrated those qualities that make small businesses a vital part of the American economy. Award winners are chosen from nominees based on information provided through monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings and additional consumer reports, and are recognized as valuable assets that exemplify the importance of small businesses to their communities.

Unlimited Priorities president Iris L. Hanney responded to announcement of the award: “We are extremely gratified to receive this honor from the SBCA. Unlimited Priorities was founded to provide a single go-to source of support for those evolving small and mid-size firms in need of senior managerial support and direction at all levels. We appreciate this recognition of our ability to provide affordable solutions for firms that are in a position to grow, but who require management assistance in areas they currently are unable to support fully.”

About Unlimited Priorities

Unlimited Priorities is attuned to the management requirements of companies in the information industry. We provide executive level support services by utilizing a highly skilled group of professionals with abundant experience in sales, marketing, finance, operations, production, IT and training. Unlimited Priorities believes that sales and marketing effectiveness combined with operational excellence are the keys to successful market penetration and growth. By coordinating our talents with your team’s knowledge and experience, we can help you build your business and attain your goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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