Unlimited Priorities Upgrades Distance Learning Site for Earlham School of Religion

Cape Coral, FL (August 4, 2011) – Unlimited Priorities® has developed a new, more robust web site to support a key primary source collection at the Earlham School of Religion (ESR). The project involved updates for a UNIX/LINUX server, improvements to the search engine for proximity ranges, a reload of data to support updated versions of eXist and Lucene, and software updates for Tomcat, Java, and Saxon XSLT processing.

ESR’s Digital Quaker Collection contains full text and page images of over 500 individual Quaker works from the 17th and 18th centuries. Built about 8 years ago, the site gives distance learners access to the same type of quality information as students have on campus at the Lilly Library. The proprietary software developed for ESR provides multiple search functions and an interface for viewing pages.

In 2011, Jay Marshall, Dean of ESR, who had the original vision for the digital library, turned once again to the experts at Unlimited Priorities to do some much-needed maintenance. In addition to updating the search engine, they also wanted to upgrade the server environment.

Tim Seid, ESR’s Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies, is the school’s liaison for distance learning. Besides his education in theology, he also has a technology avocation. Assoc. Dean Seid said: “Since Joe Paulsen and Iris Hanney were instrumental in building the initial site, including the content conversion, we naturally wanted them to handle this upgrade to the primary source repository. We knew we could count on Unlimited Priorities to execute the project within our budgetary framework and with a high level of expertise.”

Iris Hanney, founder and President of Unlimited Priorities replied: “We designed the website, the environment in which it would reside, developed the XML, and coordinated the imaging and conversion of this rare full-text material. The Archival Initiatives Division of Unlimited Priorities is geared towards the appropriate archiving and management of rare collections. As we remain on the cutting edge of technology we applaud the team at Earlham for recognizing the need for an overhaul so the site would continue to operate well into the future. It is a pleasure having long-standing customers to grow with.”

Earlham School of Religion is a Christian graduate school located in Richmond, Indiana.

About Unlimited Priorities

Unlimited Priorities serves clients throughout the information industry. Our Archival Initiatives Division provides advice to libraries, historical societies, and associations in selecting, distributing, and monetizing their valuable archival content. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ abilities to succeed, offering realistic and affordable solutions.


Iris L. Hanney, President

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