Unlimited Priorities develops a new Accessible Archives website

Unlimited Priorities has developed a new website for Accessible Archives. Like our own website, we implemented and will manage this one using a content management system (CMS). Unlimited Priorities continuously assesses the state-of-the-art in Content Management Systems for the development of websites for small and medium sized companies. For Accessible Archives, we chose WordPress, which presently drives over 59 million websites world wide, including many large organizations, like CNN, TechCrunch, NBC Sports and CBS Radio. Users also include millions of small to medium sized organizations. In fact, we use WordPress to manage our own website.

Using a CMS makes it much easier and faster to develop and manage a user and social-media friendly site that complies with all current standards and, importantly is very search-engine friendly as well. Issues that proved to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive using traditional website development methods are simple and quick when using a content management system.

An additional issue that organizations often face is the migration of large amounts of existing content. For the Accessible Archives site, the use of a CMS made this straightforward and importantly enabled us to modify the structure of existing content to comply with current web standards.

Besides being cost effective to develop, maintain and update, using a modern CMS ensures the site will remain current as new standards are developed, ensures that new technologies can be easily integrated, enables integration with popular social media, ensures that both current and future search engine standards will be followed and makes it easy to incorporate new design ideas, content areas and added functionality.

There’s more information about our approach here: Website Development, Website Analysis


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