Blogging for Outreach and Conversation

In this month’s issue of Computers in Libraries magazine Meryl B. Cole, Christian L. Gray, and Cindy A. Romaine authored Blog Impossible:

This is the inside story of how a handful of volunteers with no budget generated 4 million hits, 400,000 unique visitors, and 365 posts.

Throughout 2011, Special Libraries Association (SLA) volunteers, including the article’s authors, made it their goal to determine how information professionals are adapting to the challenges and inherent in our new knowledge economy.  They created Future Ready 365 to explore the topic and used existing social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and to get the word out.  Over the course of  the year, the project took off like crazy.

Read the full story.

Blogging as Outreach and Conversation

No matter the size of your organization, a blog is a great way to stay in touch with customers, staff, and stakeholders.  Unlimited Priorities often recommends blogging as a way for organizations to keep their message and work visible to the people who matter most.  For many small to medium sized  organizations, an official blog can provide the content needed to stay fresh and relevant on social media channels.

Everyone online suffers — to various degrees — with information overload and it is easy for an organization to find that its message is lost in the flood of information surging around the net.  By blogging and acting as a curator for valuable information your organization can help your audience stay on top of new information about you and about the world in general.

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