The power of the cloud to make “what-if” real

Cloud PowerWe’ve written a lot about cloud computing — because we believe it can fundamentally transform a business in very positive ways. We were delighted to see this new report by IBM, The Power of the Cloud: Driving business model innovation, that describes the benefits of cloud computing and illustrates them with examples.

The report suggests that one way to think about the role cloud computing can play is to imagine some “what-if” questions. Four that fit well with small to medium sized businesses in the information industry are:

  • What if you could give customers access to your products and services anytime, anywhere and on any device?
  • What if you could inexpensively and rapidly develop and launch new product and service offerings?
  • What if you could easily and seamlessly connect and collaborate with business partners and customers?
  • What if you could redefine your role in your industry and change your competitive positioning?

Unlimited Priorities will be speaking on cloud computing at the NFAIS Annual Conference, Born of Disruption: An Emerging New Normal for the Information Landscape this week. If you would like to discuss how cloud computing can help make these what-if questions real for your organization, please contact us at the conference or through this website.

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