Join us to help save a life

American Cancer Society Relay For LifeOnce again, we come to you and ask you for your ongoing support to help stop cancer.

It is impossible to wake up each day and not remember the devastation we have felt when we heard that cancer had touched our lives, our family’s lives, our friends’ lives, even our pets’ lives. It is impossible to not want to fight this disease with every ounce of strength we have so that we can watch future generations celebrate nothing but recovery.

Today, we know that there is hope, and that death is no longer a certainty. We know that millions of brave men and women all over the world are fighting and surviving cancer. Research has come light years, and continues to advance daily. All of us have a vital role to play in this fight; we must raise funds so that some day when we hear the diagnosis cancer it is no worse than a cold. We will survive!

Follow this link to donate and help to stop this dreaded disease.

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