Social Media Sends a Message

Social mediaThe rise of Social Media has been chronicled as the best and the worst of our culture today. Whatever you think of it personally, you need to know that Social Media can and impact you, your company and the world that surrounds us all.

When a social media message is sent:

– It can be read by a few, thousands or millions
– It can be ignored

Here is a current example of how quickly social media messages impact us.

On Mar 5, 2012, a group known as Invisible Children Inc. uploaded a video to YouTube – The title and content is all about an African warlord named Joseph Kony. The film and campaign by Invisible Children aims to make Joseph Kony famous to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

As of March 10, 9am there have been 65,969,792 views of this video in just five days. Newspapers, TV News, CNN are all covering the impact of this 29 minute video.

Now, you may not have a viral video ready to capture the world’s attention. However, using social media in some form – small, medium, large – will benefit your organization in various ways, such as:

  • Connect with existing customers
  • Attract the new and not yet customers
  • Improve relationships with your employees
  • Support various causes in your neighborhood

The more people know about you, your products, and your involvement in the community outside of business, the more people will want to develop relationships with you and your company. Have a social media question, contact Unlimited Priorities. Plans for where, when and how need to be explored for ways that will support you and your message.


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