NFAIS Workshop — Digital Information and User Behavior: Transforming Libraries, Content, and Learning

The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) has just announced a one day workshop, Digital Information and User Behavior: Transforming Libraries, Content, and Learning.

The emergence of e-content, search engines and the Web more than twenty years ago has shaped a new generation of information seekers. How they access, read, and use information is fundamentally different from the behavior created by the print medium. This new behavior is transforming library infrastructures and services, is driving the conversion of books and textbooks into innovative tools for education, and is changing how traditional reference information is accessed and delivered.

How has information behavior changed in academia? What new library infrastructures are being tested? Is a totally virtual library on the horizon? Are library collections changing and if so, how should the return on library investment being measured? Is the use of e-books and e-textbooks increasing significantly? How is the use of all this digital material changing the educational experience? And how are traditional reference works being delivered to meet the needs of today’s academic libraries and the users that they serve? This workshop will attempt to answer these questions and more as we take a look at the ongoing impact of digital information usage behavior on those who serve the information seeker.

The one day workshop will be held June 15, 2012 in Philadelphia. Virtual attendance is possible.

The Agenda includes:

  • Digital information and the Evolution of the Library
  • Measuring the ROI of Today’s Libraries
  • Trends in Global e-Book Consumption
  • Digital Reference Tools, e-Textbooks, and the Transformation of Learning
  • Digital Information Usage Trends

Session details and registration information are available from NFAIS as a downloadable PDF: program and registration forms.


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