Queen Victoria’s journals are now online

Queen Victoria’s journals are now online. Done partnership between the Bodleian Libraries and the Royal Archives, working in collaboration with the online publisher ProQuest, the website will be free to all UK users in perpetuity. Global public access to the website is available through June 30. After that, a specialized version for libraries will become available from ProQuest.

Queen Victoria’s journals have never been published in their entirety before and were only accessible by appointment at the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. Queen Victoria was a prolific writer and recorded her thoughts and experiences almost daily, from age 13 and continuing until just weeks before her death in 1901. Her journals provide a fascinating insight into her life as Queen, often revealing the personal impact of world events.

The website reproduces as high-resolution color images, each page of the surviving volumes of the journals, along with separate photographs of the many illustrations and inserts within the pages.

Each page is also being transcribed and re-keyed, allowing for journals to be searched. At the time of launch, only a portion of the transcribed text will be available. More transcriptions are being added regularly as the project progresses.

Even if you don’t have royal journals in your archive, you probably have content that people want to see. If you do, we’d be happy to help make that happen.

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