The value’s in the content

Data Conversion Laboratory has released their April, 2012 industry survey focused on the role content plays in corporations. Almost half of the respondents said that content makes up half of their companies’ value. Nearly one-third estimated that corporate content makes up 75% of company value! As DCL says, “That’s quite an incredible acknowledgement of the shift in corporate value.”

The results are not specific to large corporations. The respondents came from a cross sections of companies, both in size and in business area – manufacturers, high technology companies, publishers and pharmaceutical companies.

The survey also shows that XML acceptance is here – 25% report that all their content is in XML and another 50% report some of their content is in XML.

Another, maybe not so surprising result, is that the main reason driving conversion to XML is for presentation to the customer – 83% want their information converted for their customers.

The biggest concerns? Shortage of expertise and cost were both reported by 96% of the respondents.

The results are summarized in more detail on the DCL website: Content is Where the Real Value Resides In Corporations

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