NFAIS Webinar: The World According to Google

Understanding Google’s Expanding Content Ecosystem

NFAIS LogoFrom phones to tablets to games, headwear, browsers, and even autonomous cars and balloon-based networks, Google has been moving forward with breathtaking speed towards dominating and breaking through in seemingly countless market segments. One thing’s for sure in the midst of all this: where other companies think about carving up market pies, Google is on the march constantly to invent new pies and to reinvent old ones in order to acquire, analyze and generate more usable “signals” for customers and marketers than ever before.

On September 19, 2013 NFAIS will hold a 90 minute webinar from 11:00am – 12:30pm EDST for its annual update on the Google landscape. John Blossom, award-winning industry analyst and President, Shore Communications, Inc, will bring you up to date on Google’s major product and platform initiatives and put them into an encompassing context of how Google products are influencing the strategies of publishers and content service providers. The webinar will include insights based on John’s attendance at this year’s Google I/O developers’ conference.

He will review, analyze and rate the market-worthiness of Google initiatives such as:

  • Project Glass
  • Drive Real time
  • API for collaboration
  • Natural language search and services
  • Google+ expansion and publisher integration
  • Packaged Web apps
  • Chrome cross-platform collaborative application
  • Chrome OS (r)evolution

  • Android growth and evolution
  • Education Initiatives
  • Developing nations initiatives
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Games and home/mobile entertainment
  • Video and audio standards
  • Cloud-based messaging and data storage for apps
  • Cloud-based software development

If you or your staff want to take a fresh look at Google, its current and future directions, and perhaps learn how your organization can learn from them to better meet industry trends, register for the NFAIS webinar today.  NFAIS members pay $105, Sister Society members pay $115, and non-members pay $125.  An unlimited number of staff from NFAIS member organizations can participate for a group fee of $255. The group fee for an unlimited number of staff from any Sister Society is $275, and from a non-member organization is $295.

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For more information contact Jill O’Neill, NFAIS Director, Communication and Planning, 215-893-1561 (phone); 215-893-1564 (fax); or go to

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