OCLC WorldCat Search API Integrated into PlumX Dashboard

OCLC has established a partnership with Plum Analytics, an altmetrics organization that develops analytical tools for scholars and researchers, to leverage WorldCat data to help researchers better analyze and measure the impact of their work.

PlumX Dashboard

PlumX Dashboard

Plum Analytics has integrated the WorldCat Search API into its PlumX analytics dashboard to retrieve aggregate library holdings information from the WorldCat database, the largest collection of bibliographic data in the world. Access to this data is enabled by OCLC WorldShare applications, which expose Web services and data for use and reuse by third party partners. Scholars will now be able to see how well their published works are included in the collections of libraries globally to help measure the impact of their research.

PlumX is an analysis tool aimed at helping libraries and research administrators understand the influence of their researchers’ work by using newer alternative metrics, called altmetrics, alongside traditional measures of research impact.

To learn more about PlumAnalyics and the PlumX application, visit the Plum Analytics website at www.plumanalytics.com.

To learn more about the WorldCat Search API and WorldCat.org partner programs, visit the OCLC website.

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