The Perfect Plagiarism Apology

Jonathan Bailey at Plagiarism Today has put together an excellent sample letter for use by anyone caught plagiarizing the work of others.

I'm sorry messagePlagiarism apologies have run the gamut from bad, to book-length bad, to combative and even outright offensive. And that’s without looking at Shia LaBeouf.

Time and time again, plagiarists have been caught and offered up apologies that are halfhearted, incomplete and, at times, downright patronizing. While one might expect that plagiarists would not be creative at offering apologies, one would think that they could at least offer a complete one.

Last year, I did an analysis of three different plagiarism apologies, finding all of them to be sub-par and incomplete.

So, I’ve decided to turn things around and offer plagiarists a helping hand. If you’re caught plagiarizing and need a plagiarism apology letter, I’m providing you a starting point below.

This letter, fundamentally, is the plagiarism apology I’ve been wanting to see for over a decade. It’s the letter I never got from any of the plagiarists of my work that I’ve caught, all 700 of them, the plagiarists in the news or any of the academic plagiarism cases I’ve been involved with.

Read the rest of the post and the letter at The Perfect
Plagiarism Apology I’m Still Waiting to See

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