Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers, 2nd Printing Announced

The Pocket Copyright Guide for PublishersPocket Copyright Guide for Publishers contains information vital to publishers. It discusses a wide variety of topics and problems that are faced by today’s publishing community. As such, it also is a must-have reference tool for both public and academic libraries.

Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers, authored by Laura N. Gasaway, Paul B. Eaton Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and edited by Iris L. Hanney and published by Unlimited Priorities LLC, is available for $14.95 as an eBook.

The initial run of the print edition sold out quickly, and popular demand has necessitated a 2nd printing. The hard copy book is available as a bundle with the e-Book edition, and the price for the combined versions is $24.95. The book is available for immediate delivery.

“This book is my type of reading, and its concise explanations of legal concepts and requirements will enable me to better serve my colleagues, and in a manner they will fancy: cogent brevity.”

—Ronald Weyhrauch, RAC (US)


“Gasaway provides a narrative and allows publishers to gauge the depth of understanding they require. If further information is needed, she points publishers to resources beyond the scope of the book through thorough referencing.”

—Daniel J. Gross, Attorney, Myers Wolin LLC

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