Unlimited Priorities and NCSU Libraries Partner to Create Model Data Mining Agreement

Cape Coral, FL (March 24, 2015)Unlimited Priorities LLC, a firm specializing in support for small and medium-size companies in the information and publishing industries, and The North Carolina State University Libraries (NCSU Libraries), have collaborated to open up Accessible Archives’ databases for text and data mining for client libraries.

Text and data mining (TDM) encompasses dozens of computationally-intensive techniques and procedures used to examine and transform data and metadata. At its core, TDM uses high-speed computing technology to examine large data sets in order to recognize and model meaningful patterns and rules.

Unlimited Priorities orchestrated this initiative at the request of Darby Orcutt, Assistant Head, Collection Management, at The NCSU Libraries. Mr. Orcutt explained: “Through this model agreement, Unlimited Priorities and Accessible Archives have become even stronger partners with libraries in supporting the current and emerging needs of researchers. They quickly and positively responded to the opportunity for a win-win relationship in this area. Not only does this agreement open up large and high-quality historical datasets for mining by our users, but as scholars come to understand this content in ways that only such computational research makes possible, the value of these resources for academia correspondingly increases.”

A primary area within the Archival Initiatives Division of Unlimited Priorities is the management and distribution of archival collections for both commercial and library clients, including identifying and facilitating new opportunities such as the dissemination of hard-to-obtain information or the digitization of rare and special collections previously unavailable to scholars. Data mining is a part of the library community that Unlimited Priorities supports completely.

Iris L. Hanney, Unlimited Priorities president, observed: “Unlimited Priorities recognizes its responsibility to library clients to ensure that all their content needs are met, whether they are involved in digitization or simply using current databases. Our awareness of the ongoing growth of cutting-edge technology allowed us to respond to North Carolina State’s needs, and we look forward to continuing to work with them and other clients to ensure that the utilization of archival materials is supported in every way, including data mining and similar areas.”

The NCSU Libraries is currently undertaking a forward-thinking initiative to more strongly align its collections with emerging needs in research informatics, including providing its users the capacity for text and data mining of purchased and licensed resources.

About Unlimited Priorities LLC

Unlimited Priorities is attuned to the management requirements of organizations in the information industry, both commercial and not-for-profit. We provide executive-level support services by utilizing a highly skilled group of professionals with abundant experience. Our practice specialties include Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Financial Services, Operations Management, Production, Information Technology, Social Media, and Content Development and Licensing. Our Archival Initiatives Division offers advice to libraries, historical societies and industry associations in selecting, distributing, and monetizing their valuable archival content. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ abilities to succeed, offering solutions that are realistic, practical, achievable and affordable.

About Accessible Archives, Inc.

Founded in 1990, Accessible Archives utilizes computer technology and a team of conversion specialists to provide vast quantities of archived historical information previously available only in microformat, hard copy or as images only. Diverse primary source materials reflecting broad views across 18th and 19th American history and culture have been assembled into comprehensive databases. Developed by dedicated instructors and students of Americana, these databases allow access to the rich store of materials from leading books, newspapers and periodicals then current. Accessible Archives will continue to add titles covering important topics and time periods to assist scholars and students at all academic levels. Unlimited Priorities LLC is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for Accessible Archives.

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