What Info Pros Are Grateful For: Iris Hanney

via What Info Pros Are Grateful For by Brandi Scardilli

Brandi Scardilli: Because 2020 has been all kinds of awful, I want to celebrate whatever silver linings we can find. Here are some thoughts from 15 info pros, who share what they’re grateful for in their professional lives, new technologies they’ve adopted, and anything else that comes to mind. I hope their positivity can lift you up and help you reflect on the good things you’ve experienced this year.

Iris L. Hanney, president of Unlimited Priorities, LLC, spoke with Brandi Scardilli about what she was grateful for in this crazy year.

What in your professional life are you most grateful for this year?
Unlimited Priorities is a small company that serves small to midsize companies in the information industry and supports activities of the academic research libraries. I am very grateful that we have managed to stay afloat, maintain most of our team, work with companies worldwide, understand worldwide challenges because of COVID, and remain viable for doing business, forming partnerships, and surviving this insanity. I am especially grateful to all of our customers for their ongoing trust, and we are committed to never disappointing a client ever—even through this wild ride.

What new tech have you learned and/or enjoyed this year as part of your job?
I bit the bullet after 5 years and bought a new laptop. While I was petrified of learning a new operating system—old dogs, new tricks—I am now thrilled that I did it. The efficiency of the new software and the speed of the new computer are amazing. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks!

Are there any other positive things about your work life this year that you’d like to share?
Many of this year’s challenges, we are hoping, will support growth going into next year. There are new products being built, new ways to market being created, a new respect for co-workers who are hanging on. Resilience is a fabulous trait—I have witnessed it in many and hopefully in myself.

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