Unlimited Priorities LLC Has Been Retained to Manage the Merger of Accessible Archives Inc. and Coherent Digital LLC

Coherent Digital LLC has retained Unlimited Priorities LLC to manage the merger of the two companies’ content and technology in much the same way as Unlimited Priorities has managed Accessible Archives for the last decades – as the sales, marketing, technology, and product development .

Iris L. Hanney, President of Unlimited Priorities LLC, said, “Coherent Digital’s acquisition of Accessible Archives will allow for a powerful merger of high-quality XML TEI-lite encoded text and a cutting-edge user interface. Relationships with existing partners that provide free services, such as COUNTER, MARC Records, Discovery, and document preservation, will continue as we manage a smooth transition. As always, customer service is our number-one priority.”

Unlimited Priorities will work with the Coherent Digital team to make the migration process smooth for all customers and partners. We will continue to manage all aspects of Accessible Archives, including answering questions, selling, marketing, creating new products, and providing technical support. Unlimited Priorities sales support and customer service for Accessible Archives will remain as it has in the past.

Accessible Archives has been an established and respected publisher of primary sources, used by hundreds of institutions across North America. Accessible Archives’ collections, comprised of diverse 18th, 19th, and early 20th century American history primary source content, includes newspapers, periodicals, and books—African American Newspapers, American County Histories, Women’s Suffrage, America and World War I, the Civil War, Colonial Era newspapers, Frank Leslie’s Weekly, Godey’s Lady’s Book, Politics and Protest, and more.

Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President and CEO of Coherent Digital LLC, said “Upon completion of the migration by Unlimited Priorities, Accessible Archives will add twenty-four new collections to Coherent Digital’s History Commons, bringing expanded expertise in American social, economic, and political history and opens fresh avenues for historical research.”


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