Archival Initiatives Division

Archival Initiatives DivisionIn today’s world of information overload and an expanding quest for knowledge, information repositories of all kinds are being challenged to adapt to a changing paradigm in facilities, resources and services. A primary area is the management and distribution of their archival collections. Unlimited Priorities can help uncover and facilitate new opportunities, such as the dissemination of hard-to-obtain information or the digitization of rare and special collections previously unavailable to scholars.

Unlimited Priorities employs the expertise of experienced associates to uncover collections appropriate for digitization using parameters developed in conjunction with institutional clients and commercial entities, with the goal of identifying those opportunities most beneficial to the library and the scholarly community. Our ability to meet and deal with the multiple issues attendant upon these types of enterprises ensures successful and mutually rewarding project completions.

Unlimited Priorities recognizes that each location or organization is a unique entity requiring customized and locally-based solutions. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ abilities to succeed, while offering solutions that are realistic, practical, achievable and affordable.

What We Do For You

The Archival Initiatives Division® offers practical consultative services to the archives community. As the roles of libraries, historical societies and industry associations continue to evolve in the electronic age, librarians and archivists are tasked with optimizing the wealth of information residing in their repositories, whether for retention, conversion or distribution. In some instances collections may prove to be of commercial value within a variety of contexts. In such eventualities the Archival Initiatives Division is uniquely qualified to assist in reaching knowledgeable resolutions. We:

  • help identify collections most appropriate for conversion and possible commercial distribution
  • investigate rights ownership
  • coordinate communication with the commercial sector to explore mutually beneficial cooperation between both parties while safeguarding the library and the integrity of its collections
  • act as a clearing house handling questions and responses in support of any proposed enterprise
  • oversee any required data conversion process, whether by the commercial entity or as an internal library project
  • as needed, assist in DTD creation and outsource vendor selection
  • advise on selecting the most suitable distribution environment
  • license data for distribution, as appropriate

By coordinating a library’s project requirements with commercial firms’ interests, Unlimited Priorities creates an atmosphere of mutual cooperation while organizing a successful process at a reasonable cost.