Content Licensing

Today, content providers and content service and technology companies must navigate the ever-changing rapids of digital content publishing. Securing appropriate author rights for all content — not just text, anticipating potential uses of the data, and licensing content though a variety of distribution channels to an ever-expanding variety of end users are just a few of the areas where rapid changes in digital content present new opportunities along with new challenges.

See, for example details about the opportunities to convert books, journals, catalogs, newspapers, microform, and newsletters to e-content described in our white paper: Discovery and Monetization: Two Important Challenges Facing eBook Publishers.

Unlimited Priorities offers experts who can provide solutions in:

  • Content Licensing Agreements – author, digital, third-party
  • Building Joint Partnerships
  • Digital Security
  • Print to Digital
  • Database Tracking

For Publishers, we can help you:

  • Create new revenue streams from your current readers and web visitors
  • Leverage new technologies to gain new audiences
  • Grow your profits from sales of content
  • Increase advertising revenue
  • Promote brand value
  • Ensure that copyright is protected and that revenues are secure

For content technology companies, aggregators, service providers, and distributors of content, we can help you:

  • Negotiate rights to integrate third party content into new products and services
  • Respond to market demands for faster delivery and more flexible rights
  • Improve the profitability of content redistribution
  • Expand current provider relationships to include images and multimedia content
  • Grow the market by leveraging the power of consumer-generated content, including blogs, message boards, folksonomies and comments added to media articles

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