Information Technology

 Information Technology is changing at an astounding rate. New products, new approaches and new techniques are discovered, announced, discussed and written about daily.

At Unlimited Priorities, we define Information Technology broadly to include not just computers, networks and operating systems, but also hosting, applications, publishing systems, and the support, processes and procedures that tie it all together. Information Technology is changing at an astounding rate. New products, new approaches and new techniques are discovered, announced, discussed and written about daily. Many of these provide opportunities to dramatically increase the effectiveness of companies in the Information arena. Many provide ways to dramatically decrease costs. Keeping up with all of the developments is often difficult for small and medium sized organizations.

Unlimited Priorities will do this for you. With our team of information-industry experts we can work with you to address how to best select, use and apply current Information Technology to improve what you do and make it more cost effective. We provide a range of services from workshops through complete project implementation and management. Our workshops include Cloud Computing, Website Analysis, Vendor Selection and Management, Content Conversion, and Linked Data. We offer comprehensive assessments of your Information Technology needs and make recommendations based on your current infrastructure. We will assess your IT team, processes and methodologies, and recommend best practices that will allow your business to move forward, grow and save money.

Our Process

Unlimited Priorities does not just consult, but provides hands on expertise to help clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. Our people have been where our clients are now and where our clients want to be.

When engaged by a client, our normal process involves the following steps:

  1. Consult with key management and staff to review the scope of the project.
  2. Perform a comprehensive assessment of the client’s information technology.
  3. Do an analysis of the information technology needs and objectives of selected client’s groups and departments.
  4. Provide a proposal for changes to better meet these needs.
  5. Provide a plan for a transition to new systems and processes.

If desired, we can also continue with the implementation phase steps:

  • Provide assistance in implementing and managing the transition.
  • Implement and manage the transition.

Our Principles

Our approach is guided by a set of principles that we use as a starting point. These include:

  1. Meet the needs of the organization
  2. Promote efficiency and minimize redundancy
  3. Prefer open standards.
  4. Be sensitive to costs.
  5. Maintain industry best practices.
  6. Maintain flexibility.
  7. Ensure maintainability and supportability.

Highlights from our areas of expertise

  • Cloud Computing, which is transforming the way computing services are delivered by providing unheard of flexibility, increased reliability and drastically decreasing costs.
  • Social Media, where techniques for getting found are critical for finding leads, converting leads into customers, interacting effectively with existing customers and keeping track of competition.
  • Website Analysis provides, well-grounded, up-to-date information how your site can be improved to match the way search engines and people actually find information on the web.
  • Website Development can now be done with freely available open-source content management systems that enable effective websites to be developed quickly and inexpensively and allow them to stay current as technology, standards and practices evolve.
  • Open Source Software has matured considerable in the past few years with a wide range of products, supported by commercial companies and offering large cost savings over traditional commercial software licensing.
  • Linked Data and the Semantic Web is about connecting data across the web. Many companies already effectively incorporating linked-data into their products and processes.

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