Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is currently a very hot topic. It should be. It’s transforming the way computing services are delivered by providing unheard of flexibility, increased reliability and drastically decreasing costs. Like any new, hot topic, it’s also surrounded by confusion and hype. Unlimited Priorities can help you cut through the confusion, ignore the hype and understand how cloud computing can help your organization. Through one of our cloud-computing workshops or as a fully engaged client, you can ensure that you will get the full benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

Cloud computing is often used to describe different areas. The most relevant ones are Software, Platform and Infrastructure — each usually labelled with  “as a Service” added after the main term. They are very different. Different parts of an organization will use each of them. Different skills are needed to effectively use and support them. Different legacy systems can be replaced by them.

Software as a Service

With software as a service, instead of running copies of an application on desktops, the application and its data are hosted in the cloud. Maintenance, hosting and upgrades are all done by the software vendor. We can show you how you can use software as a service to save money, free up resources and focus on your core business. More information: Software as a Service.

Platform as a Service

With platform as a service a common development platform is available on demand. Upgrades, configuration, hosting and support are done by the platform vendor. We can help you and your development team use platform as a service and focus their key skills on the application. More information: Platform as a Service.

Infrastructure as a Service

With infrastructure as a service, you can can take full advantage of the cloud, and still have complete control over all aspects of your servers. using it is as easy as signing up for an account, openning up a web page, select the size and operating system pou want and clicking “deploy”. Minutes later you login to your server. When you’re done, in hours, days, months, or years you delete it. You’re charged for the time it was active. If your application has seasonal demand, you can scale up by adding servers during the busy months and then scale down, saving large amounts of money. We can help you navigate the many issues in transitioning to infrastructure as a service, including vendors, support, security and future flexibility. More information: Infrastructure as a Service.

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