Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service, often abbreviated as PaaS is one of the most confusing areas of Cloud Computing, with the line sometimes blurring between platform and infrastructure. Vendors are bundling collections of software into a common package and offering the platform to developers. The main advantage is that by using the platform as a service, developers are free to concentrate on the application itself. Configuration, scaling and core software management, often time consuming and expensive are done by the platform-as-a-service vendor. In addition, the platforms are typically charged on an hourly basis, eliminating capital costs. Examples include Engine Yard which offers a highly scalable Ruby-on-rails platform and which offers Salesforce as a platform on which to build other apps, and the Google App Engine which provides a highly scalable general purpose platform for web-based applications written in Python or Java.

For many applications, moving to platform as a service can allow developers to focus on the application, decrease costs and improve reliability. Unlimited Priorities can help you make the right choices and assist with the transition.

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