Knowledge Management & Training

Business today faces the continual challenge of adapting to change to ensure that it remains competitive. In the rush to stay on top, management will often focus on the tangible components, such as new products, reduced pricing, and cost cutting — and not take a hard look at how knowledge and training can result in a significant competitive advantage. Likewise, companies have found that attrition, retirement, and a competitive job market put them at risk of losing their key corporate knowledge. Leading global companies have demonstrated that knowledge is a crucial component of competitive advantage and bottom line performance.

Proven organizational development, knowledge management principles and tools, and appropriate training can permeate all aspects of the value chain to keep an organization fleet and responsive to the market. Solutions can include training tailored to your specifications, implementing collaboration for experience and knowledge sharing, setting up communities of practice, and more. Team based activities, such as examining work processes to determine the best way to reshape them immediately yield measurable fiscal results. Unlimited Priorities can help your organization determine what makes sense to fit your specific short and long range goals.

We recommend starting with a rapid assessment that will provide an overview of your needs and that can serve as a roadmap to your organizational development and business process strategies. This roadmap will serve to identify the most crucial items that will bring about immediate results and then let you plan a longer term strategy for organizational development, knowledge management, and process change that fits with your goals and budget.

Management Training Series

Organization Development

  • Overall Rapid Assessment of Needs
    • Short and Long Range Plans
    • Merger and Acquisition Integration
  • Strategic Directions: Empowerment, Culture, Vision, Values
  • Leadership and Professional Development
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Performance and Compensation Plans

Training and Education

  • Assessment and Needs Analysis
  • Recommendations for Training Solutions: Off-the-shelf and Custom Tailored
  • Design and Implementation of Training Solutions
  • Student Tracking, Measurement, and Evaluation
  • Learning Infrastructure: Technologies and Tools for Continued Learning
  • Vendor Selection and Negotiation

Knowledge Management Solutions

  • Assessment and Needs Analysis
  • Cross-cultural communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools
  • Communities of Practice
  • Knowledge and Information Portals

Business Process Redesign

  • Assessment and Analysis of Need for Change
  • Team Formation
  • Customer Input (Surveys, Focus Groups, etc.)
  • Tools, such as workREDESIGN®
  • Design and Implementation of New Processes
  • Best Practices

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