Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers

Pocket Copyright Guide for PublishersPocket Copyright Guide for Publishers contains information vital to the publishing community. As copyright is the lifeblood of publishers, a basic knowledge of copyright law is crucial to working effectively with authors on such issues as transfers of copyright, terms of copyright, terminations and ownership.  In addition, publishers must contract with authors and photographers –– and often other publishers –– to obtain permission for use of portions of copyrighted materials in new works.   While larger publishers have in-house legal counsel or hired attorneys to offer advice on copyright matters, smaller publishers often are unable afford such legal support.

This book is my type of reading, and its concise explanations of legal concepts and requirements will enable me to better support my colleagues, and in a manner they will fancy; cogent brevity.

—Ronald L. Weyhrauch, RAC (US)

Authored by Laura N. Gasaway, Paul B. Eaton Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers helps alleviate this problem.  Each chapter covers a specific topic including basics of copyright law; registration; assignments and transfers; granting and obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted works; the use photographs, audiovisual works and other materials from websites; exceptions to copyright, such as fair use; licensing and collective rights societies; the digital environment; enforcement of copyright; international aspects of copyright; and industry trends.

Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers, authored by Laura N. Gasaway and edited by Iris L. Hanney and published by Unlimited Priorities LLC, is available for $9.95 as an eBook.

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