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From the Hearts of the Hanney’s – Grand Finale

Relay for Life

February 2015

Dear Friends:

Once again, we come to you and ask you for your ongoing support to stop this dreaded disease.  This year is a bit different – we are honoring as always Samuel H. Rugoff who lost his brave fight with cancer on April 24th, 2000.  Coincidentally, the Relay will actually occur on Dad’s anniversary – April 24 – 25th – it seems utterly impossible that Dad is gone 15 years.  Never does a day go by when he is not with us!!!  This year we will celebrate Dad’s life – and honor him by participating in Relay – but this one shall be our last – it is time to pass the torch – it seems fitting to end at 15 years and if you all help – and you always do – we will pass $250,000 in funds raised through our efforts – quite a legacy for Dad to smile about.

American Cancer Society Relay For Life Transparent

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We have all lost so many – we honor John’s mom and dad – Gerry and Elisabeth Hanney – we honor every survivor who has fought this dreaded disease and won!!!  And we pray for everyone fighting the disease now.  Cancer seems to be at every corner we turn, but we must remember that even over the 15 years that we have been raising funds there have been tremendous strides – we are winning – and we need to keep fighting, keep raising awareness, keep raising money and keep up our faith and know that we will prevail!!!

Most importantly, we honor the survivors, and those fighting the good fight for survival.   The survivors are the folks who prove that we are beating the enemy. Hope, unity, diminished suffering, and triumphing, for the many survivors must be the driving force!!!!  Every dollar you give will make a difference to the people whose lives are touched by cancer.  We cannot do this without your help – joy and life move forward – with your help and never ending support.

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