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Unlimited Priorities announces Sabinet/Gale African periodicals partnership

Unlimited Priorities, an information publishing company, coordinated with Sabinet, a leader in the South African information industry, and Gale, a Cengage company, global pioneer in research and learning resources, to provide American academic institutions access to Sabinet’s comprehensive collection of scholarly journals emanating from the African continent.

Until now there has been a critical lack of legitimate content from African countries in American institutions. This collection fills the need with over 367 current and 230 retrospective full text journals.  Subject areas covered are business and finance; education; labor; law; medicine and health; religion; science, technology and agriculture; social sciences and humanities. The databases will be available in 2021. Continue Reading →

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Unlimited Priorities Coordinates Accessible Archives Partnership with University of Delaware

New Agreement Will Enhance Research
for Colored Conventions Project

Malvern, PA (May 24, 2016) – Unlimited Priorities LLC has finalized an agreement between Accessible Archives and the University of Delaware’s (UD) Colored Conventions Project (CCP) that will allow the innovative use of Accessible Archives’ databases.  These include African American Newspapers: The 19th Century, The Liberator and National Anti-Slavery Standard. Accessible Archives’ extension of its standard academic use license will expose those important materials, and additional collections, to the many visitors to the CCP website.  Unlimited Priorities LLC is the exclusive sales and marketing representative for Accessible Archives.

The CCP is a digital collection and teaching website used by students, community scholars and professors across the globe.  This agreement allows CCP, along with the project’s national teaching partners and the thousands of students who engage in original research through CCP’s curriculum, to present images from Accessible Archives’ databases on its ColoredConventions.org website.

Frank Leslies Weekly -- May 4, 1872

Frank Leslies Weekly — May 4, 1872

“The CCP, which brings 19th-century Black organizing to digital life, is pleased to partner with Accessible Archives and to celebrate the company’s long history of productive partnerships with UD”, said P. Gabrielle Foreman, the project’s faculty director and Ned B. Allen Professor of English and professor of history and Black American studies at UD. “The historic Colored Conventions were symbiotically connected with many of the 19th-century African American newspapers offered by Accessible Archives, so this agreement will be a great boon for Colored Conventions’ many users.”

Ann Ardis, UD’s senior vice provost for graduate and professional education and director of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center, which provided CCP with its first funding, also praised the agreement. “We are thrilled that Accessible Archives will play such a pivotal role in our public humanities outreach to share this rich chapter of African American history,” Ardis said. “With the help of Accessible Archives, the Colored Conventions Project will add greatly to contemporary understandings of the long history of African American struggles for racial justice.”

Iris L. Hanney, Unlimited Priorities president, responded: “Unlimited Priorities specializes in creating partnerships that provide researchers with better access to relevant content.  As the goals of Accessible Archives and University of Delaware were totally in synch, this agreement will benefit the entire information community.”

About Unlimited Priorities LLC

Unlimited Priorities LLC utilizes its highly skilled group of professionals to provide a variety of support services to small and medium-sized companies in the information industry.  The Archival Initiatives Division (AID) offers practical consultative services to libraries, historical societies and associations.  AID provides advice and assistance in archival content selection, rights ownership, project management, workflow analysis, production, distribution of converted content and interaction with commercial entities.  We recognize that each location or organization is unique, requiring customized and locally-based solutions.  By coordinating a library’s project requirements with commercial firms’ interests, Unlimited Priorities creates an atmosphere of mutual cooperation while organizing a successful process at a reasonable cost.

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Unlimited Priorities and NCSU Libraries Partner to Create Model Data Mining Agreement

Cape Coral, FL (March 24, 2015)Unlimited Priorities LLC, a firm specializing in support for small and medium-size companies in the information and publishing industries, and The North Carolina State University Libraries (NCSU Libraries), have collaborated to open up Accessible Archives’ databases for text and data mining for client libraries.

Text and data mining (TDM) encompasses dozens of computationally-intensive techniques and procedures used to examine and transform data and metadata. At its core, TDM uses high-speed computing technology to examine large data sets in order to recognize and model meaningful patterns and rules.

Unlimited Priorities orchestrated this initiative at the request of Darby Orcutt, Assistant Head, Collection Management, at The NCSU Libraries. Mr. Orcutt explained: “Through this model agreement, Unlimited Priorities and Accessible Archives have become even stronger partners with libraries in supporting the current and emerging needs of researchers. They quickly and positively responded to the opportunity for a win-win relationship in this area. Not only does this agreement open up large and high-quality historical datasets for mining by our users, but as scholars come to understand this content in ways that only such computational research makes possible, the value of these resources for academia correspondingly increases.”

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Unlimited Priorities Coordinates Publishing Partner Agreement Between Accessible Archives and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Cape Coral, FL (January 30, 2015) – Unlimited Priorities LLC, a firm specializing in support for small and medium-size companies in the information and publishing industries, has announced that it has finalized a publishing partners agreement between Accessible Archives, Inc. and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library located in Springfield, Illinois.

Accessible Archives, Inc., a publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases, will preserve in digital format a number of primary source collections relating to President Lincoln and the State of Illinois.  Once the materials have been digitized and made fully searchable, they will be available to genealogists, scholars, students, and those studying historical issues of personal interest as new or enhanced databases by Accessible Archives.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Established in 1889 as the Illinois State Historical Library by the Illinois General Assembly, it later was renamed the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library to reflect its essential role in telling the story of Abraham Lincoln’s life.  The library holds an impressive collection of Lincoln materials, among them Lincoln family letters and a prized collection of Lincolniana and assassination materials.  In addition, the library contains the premier collection of materials on Illinois history, including myriad books, original maps and thousands of boxes of personal papers and other records relating to Illinois’ political, business, and cultural leaders.  The Library’s county history collection provides at least one history from each of Illinois’ 102 counties, which over time will become available through Accessible Archives.  The Library also stages exhibits that showcase its impressive historical holdings relating to all aspects of Illinois history, including an extensive Civil War collection and strong offerings on slavery and abolition, early settlement, church and community histories, and Illinois coal mining. Continue Reading →

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Unlimited Priorities Coordinates Accessible Archives’ Agreement With Scholarly iQ to Upgrade COUNTER Usage Reporting

Cape Coral, FL (January 29, 2015) – Unlimited Priorities LLC, a firm specializing in support for small and medium-size companies in the information and publishing industries, has announced that it has coordinated and finalized an agreement between Accessible Archives, Inc., a publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases, and Scholarly iQ whereby the latter will provide upgraded COUNTER usage reporting to Accessible Archives’ customers.

Usage statistics for Accessible Archives’ collections will become available April 1, 2015 using the new COUNTER Release 4 (R4) standards.  Scholarly iQ, a provider of eBusiness solutions to the academic publishing market, will provide these and other reporting and data management services.  This upgraded capability provides an extra benefit for Accessible Archives’ customers,  utilizing the latest version of the agreed international set of standards and protocols governing the recording and exchange of such online usage data to ensure independent reporting of publishers’ usage statistics.

Iris Hanney, Unlimited Priorities president, discussed the importance of COUNTER compliance: “In today’s challenging economic market, ensuring that trusted, independent reporting of usage statistics is available to libraries is critical as this data is used to effectively demonstrate content value to subscribing institutions.  Partnering with Scholarly iQ will ensure Accessible Archives remains compliant with the COUNTER R4 standard, allowing them to better serve the scholarly library community.”

The COUNTER Release 4 standards contain the following new features to improve the delivery of consistent, credible and comparable usage statistics:

  • A single, integrated Code of Practice covering journals, databases, books, reference works and multimedia content
  • An expanded list of Definitions, including terms such as ‘multimedia full content unit’, ‘record view’, ‘result click’, as well as different categories of ‘access denied’, etc. that are used for the first time in Release 4
  • Enhancements of the SUSHI (Standardised Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) protocol designed to facilitate its implementation by vendors and its use by librarians
  • The ability to report usage of Gold Open Access articles separately, via the new “Journal Report 1 GOA.”
  • An expanded “Journal Report 2,” which includes information on denied-access content and unlicensed content, in addition to the “Turnaways” data, which is covered by earlier COUNTER Releases.
  • A modified “Journal Report 5,” which reports on the usage of full-text article requests by year and by journal from a library’s acquired archival content.
  • Inclusion of Book DOI in the usage reports, to facilitate not only the management of usage data, but also the linking of usage data to other data relevant to collections of online content.
  • An expanded Database Report 2, which now includes ‘access denied: content item not licenced’, in addition to the ‘Turnaways’ (access denied: simultaneous/concurrent user licence limit exceeded) covered in earlier Releases.
  • Modified Database Reports, in which the previous requirement to report Session counts has been dropped, and new requirements, to report Record Views and Result Clicks, have been added. (Database Report 3 has also been renamed Platform Report 1).
  • A requirement, in Book Report 2, that the type of Section covered in the report be defined
  • Removal of Book Report 6: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Service, which is replaced by Platform Report 1.
  • A new report, Multimedia Report 1, which covers the usage of non-textual multimedia resources, such as audio, video and images, by reporting the number of successful requests for multimedia full content units
  • Flexibility in the usage reporting period that allows you to specify a date range for your usage reports
  • A single, integrated Code of Practice covering journals, databases, books, reference works and multimedia content.

“The academic publishing market is fast becoming increasingly online and data driven,” said Gary Van Overborg, CEO and founder, Scholarly iQ. “The COUNTER R4 standard provides trust and accountability in understanding the business value of digital products. Supporting and adhering to these latest standards is a must, and we are delighted to be working with Accessible Archives at this tremendously exciting time.”

About Unlimited Priorities LLC

 Unlimited Priorities provides unique solutions to the wide variety of challenges facing both commercial and not-for-profit entities throughout the information community. From sales and marketing support to administrative and production issues, we offer effective resolutions. By integrating the diversified talents of our highly skilled group of professionals from all fields into their organizational structures, Unlimited Priorities provides clients with the flexibility to successfully attain their specific goals in a systematic and efficient manner while optimizing their financial and personnel resources.

About Accessible Archives, Inc.

 Founded in 1990, Accessible Archives utilizes computer technology and a team of conversion specialists to provide vast quantities of archived historical information previously available only in microformat, hard copy or as images only. Diverse primary source materials reflecting broad views across 18th and 19th American history and culture have been assembled into comprehensive databases. Developed by dedicated instructors and students of Americana, these databases allow access to the rich store of materials from leading books, newspapers and periodicals then current. Accessible Archives will continue to add titles covering important topics and time periods to assist scholars and students at all academic levels. Unlimited Priorities LLC is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for Accessible Archives.

Tom Nagy, COO
Accessible Archives, Inc.
Iris L. Hanney, President
Unlimited Priorities LLC

About Scholarly iQ

 Scholarly iQ provides independent, trusted eBusiness solutions to the academic publishing market. Leaders in usage reporting since 2002, SiQ services integrate and deliver meaningful data accurately and on time for better business decisions.

SiQ leverages leading technologies and has a solid team of professionals in online publishing, web analytics, database integration, and web site development, providing legendary client support 24×7 with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. This combination ensures that SiQ continuously provide exemplary customer centric solutions with industry leading people, processes and technologies.

In addition, SiQ actively supports the academic publishing market as a whole through community participation including NISO’s SUSHI Developers Group and Business Information Topic Committee (www.niso.org) , the Society for Scholarly Publishing (www.sspnet.org), UKSG (www.uksg.org) and COUNTER’s International Advisory Board (www.projectcounter.org). For more information, visit www.scholarlyiq.com or https://twitter.com/ScholarlyIQ.

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Praise for Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers

Publishing Quarterly Research Provides Critical Review

Cape Coral, FL (January 21, 2015) – Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers, an eBook geared specifically toward copyright issues faced by the publishing community, is the recipient of an outstanding review in Publishing Research Quarterly, an international forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed papers offering significant research and analyses on the full range of the publishing industry. This review was published online 21 October 2014 _ Springer Science+Business Media New York 2014.

Pocket Copyright Guide for PublishersAuthored by Laura N. Gasaway, Paul B. Eaton Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and published by Unlimited Priorities LLC®, a firm specializing in support for small and medium-size companies in the information and publishing industries, Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers posits that copyright is the lifeblood of publishers and provides a basic knowledge of copyright law crucial to the publishing community.

Daniel J. Gross is an attorney and in-house counsel at Myers Wolin LLC, an intellectual property law firm. In his review he writes that in a rapidly shifting publishing environment “…publishers do not always have a legal department to advise them on contract and copyright issues. Some don’t even have staff. It is critical that these publishers understand the rules of the game they are choosing to play—no matter how much they minimize their overhead. It is in this context that Laura Gasaway’s Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers shines—as a clear and concise rulebook for the game publishers choose to play.”

Discussing the book’s arrangement Mr. Gross observes: “While maintaining a narrow focus on copyright issues relevant to publishers, there is impressive depth within that focus. Gasaway deftly handles topics, such as reversions and terminations, which are critical to publishers but not fully understood by even seasoned lawyers outside of her specialty. Throughout each chapter, headings point publishers to topics and keywords they should be aware of, even if they need not fully digest the discussion provided.” As to critical issues “… Gasaway provides a narrative and allows publishers to gauge the depth of understanding they require. If further information is needed, she points publishers to resources beyond the scope of the book through thorough referencing.”

Regarding the subject of litigation Mr. Gross points out that “Gasaway wisely advises publishers on avoiding litigation. Particularly in the age of micro- and self-publication, a lawsuit could devastate companies just starting out.” However, he does go on to say that “…a good lawyer should work with the publisher to control costs, while improving the likelihood of achieving their goals.”

Mr. Gross concludes that Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers is “…a tremendously useful reference for publishers. Many of the books on my shelf are treatises, and a book covering similar scope may span three inches of real estate. This book limits its thickness to a mere fraction of an inch by maintaining a consistent focus on aspects of the law relevant to publishers, while outsourcing additional information through references. Pocket Copyright Guide for Publishers provides a crucial book of rules, allowing publishers to painlessly become acquainted with the basics and seamlessly access further information when needed.”

About Unlimited Priorities

Unlimited Priorities LLC provides unique solutions to the wide variety of challenges facing both commercial and not-for-profit entities throughout the information community. From sales and marketing support to administrative and production issues, we offer effective resolutions. By integrating the diversified talents of our highly skilled group of professionals from all fields into their organizational structures, Unlimited Priorities provides clients with the flexibility to successfully attain their specific goals in a systematic and efficient manner while optimizing their financial and personnel resources.


Iris L. Hanney, President
Unlimited Priorities LLC®

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American Congregational Association Launches Partnership with Gale

Unlimited Priorities Brokers Historic Agreement

Cape Coral, FL, January 24, 2014 — The American Congregational Association (ACA), a non-profit organization administering the Congregational Library and Archives (CLA) has announced an agreement to make the library’s collections available through Gale, part of Cengage Learning, a leading publisher of research and reference resources for libraries, schools and businesses. Unlimited Priorities LLC® was instrumental in strategic collection assessment, identification of a partner and the negotiation of the agreement.

In addition to an unusually rich representation of seventeenth-century works, the CLA houses some 1,500 different serials and periodicals, newspapers from moral reform and missionary societies, the abolitionist press, women’s writings, African American studies, and many other general historical and religious platforms.

Gale’s Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO): Religion, Spirituality, Reform, and Society will make available more than one million pages of primary source material on nineteenth century religion, the response of faith-based activists to the tumultuous changes wrought by industrialization and urbanization, and the attempt to find and make meaning at a moment when many orthodoxies were under assault. A selection of up to 180 monograph and approximately 500 catalogued pamphlets held by the CLA will be included in this NCCO unit. In addition, Gale has identified a selection of un-catalogued pamphlets that are of interest. Further, Gale will scan and publish complete or significant parts of selected subject-specific manuscript collections in the library.

Unlimited Priorities LLC was retained by ACA to assist the library’s digitization and distribution efforts. They identify potential partners, assess existing collections, review the competitive landscape, and collaborate with both the library and its partners. Unlimited Priorities worked with both organizations to identify appropriate collections and to help negotiate the terms for licensing, digitization and distribution.

Peggy Bendroth, Executive Director of the CLA, said: “We are thrilled to be able to partner with Gale to provide these unique offerings to scholars everywhere. Their continuing efforts to bring primary source materials reflecting ongoing social growth and change makes them an excellent fit for us. In addition, this also will help further our mission to digitize church records in the future.”

Iris Hanney, Unlimited Priorities president, observed: “Our industry expertise allowed us to assist CLA and Gale achieve further access to these important historical documents for the library community. Bringing these two outstanding organizations together has been a pleasure, and we look forward to our continued involvement in the library’s ongoing distribution efforts.”

About American Congregational Association

The American Congregational Association administers The Congregational Library and Archives formed in 1853 as part of an effort to preserve and disseminate the history of the Congregational tradition. Begun with the gift of 56 books from its supporters’ personal collections the library has continued to grow through similar gifts and aggressive acquisition of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Puritan literature. Offering an extensive array of contemporary and classic religious materials, the 225,000 item collection includes a wide variety of resources on American religion, New England local and town histories, and three hundred years of records documenting the history of American Congregationalism.

About Unlimited Priorities LLC

Unlimited Priorities is attuned to the management requirements of organizations in the information industry, both commercial and not-for-profit. We provide executive-level support services by utilizing a highly skilled group of professionals with abundant experience. Our practice specialties include Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Financial Services, Operations Management, Production, Information Technology, Social Media, and Content Development and Licensing. Our Archival Initiatives Division offers advice to libraries, historical societies, and industry associations in selecting, distributing, and monetizing their valuable archival content.

Media Contact:

Iris L. Hanney, President , Unlimited Priorities LLC

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Unlimited Priorities Coordinates with ISSEL on Implementation of COUNTER: Release 4

Cape Coral, FL (January 16, 2014) — Unlimited Priorities LLC®, a firm specializing in support for small and medium-size companies in the information and publishing industries, is coordinating the process of companies upgrading to COUNTER: Release 4 in conjunction with ISSEL, a British firm and vendor member of COUNTER. The COUNTER Code of Practice for e-Resources: Release 4 is an integrated Code of Practice covering journals, databases, books, reference works and multimedia content. Release 4 replaces both Release 3, incorporating journals and databases, and Release 1, encompassing books and reference works.

COUNTER provides an international extendible Code of Practice for e-Resources that allows the usage of online information products and services to be measured in a credible, consistent and compatible way using vendor-generated data. The changes in Release 4 are a combination of housekeeping to reflect the ongoing changing ways content is becoming available, synchronization of previous versions of the standard, and responses to user feedback reflecting an expanded familiarity working with COUNTER. Information on Project COUNTER is available at: www.projectcounter.org.

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He’s baaack!

It looks like everything old is new again. This just in from OCLC:

The OCLC Board of Trustees has concluded that rather than moving forward with the appointment of Jack B. Blount as its President and CEO, it is in the best interest of OCLC to have Jay Jordan continue serving in these capacities. Mr. Jordan has agreed to postpone his retirement to continue leading OCLC.

The OCLC Board of Trustees believes Mr. Jordan’s strong track record, his skills as a leader, and his ability to identify and navigate emerging trends, make him uniquely qualified to serve the nearly 72,000 institutions that use OCLC services.

The Board of Trustees has complete confidence in the global management team and the 1,250 employees, who are working diligently to serve libraries around the world and fulfill OCLC’s mission and goals.

The Board is committed to an orderly transition of leadership and will be assessing its succession planning process as it moves forward.

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Unlimited Priorities coordinates sale of Lily database to CIC

CIC LogoUnlimited Priorities, acting in its capacity as sales and marketing agent for Accessible Archives, has coordinated the sale of the Lily database to the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), a consortium of thirteen research universities: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin and the University of Chicago.

The Lily, the first newspaper for women, was edited by Amelia Bloomer from 1849 to 1854 and by Mary Birdsall during 1855 and 1856, after which it ceased publication. Conceived as a temperance journal – writing deemed the best way for women to work for reform – it gradually began to include articles about other subjects of interest to women, such as child-bearing and education. However, coverage soon turned to the issue of women’s rights, with articles about laws unfair to women and demanding change. Many of these were penned by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a driving force behind the first women’s rights convention, who played a leadership role in the women’s rights movement for fifty years.

All CIC members will receive permanent access to The Lily.

The Accessible Archives press release is here: CIC Purchases The Lily Database

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