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NFAIS Email Marketing Webinars

We recently attended two webinars on email marketing that we found outstanding. Run by the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) the sessions were hosted by Mitch Lapides, President, of FulcrumTech. The first covered ways to improve results and return-on-investment with the second following up with a deeper dive into improving open, click-through and conversion rates.

With tens, sometimes hundreds of daily email messages landing in each recipient’s inbox, it’s getting much more difficult to stand out. The two webinars were about standing out in a positive way. Mitch built on a few themes: build high quality lists, segment them, be as personal as possible, keep each mailing to a single point, use a landing page, and test everything. He offered five secrets: measure everything, build a powerful list, drive up the open rate, drive up the click-through rate, and implement test plans. Each of these was backed up with tips and techniques to determine where an email program is effective and where it needs to be improved.

The first two webinars are over, but there is one more upcoming, focused on social media. Registration is still open: Building your social media plan. There’s also a comprehensive set of email newsletter resources available on the FulcrumTech website.

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