Unlimited Priorities Supports the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life

American Cancer Society Relay For LifeFrom the Hearts of the Hanney’s – March 2012

Dear Friends:

Once again, we come to you and ask you for your ongoing support to stop this dreaded disease. This past year has been particularly difficult for The Hanney’s! We lost a number of very dear friends – William Walcott, Howard Tucker, and Howie Kelly. We lost our dear puppy Pussy Hanney the III. My dad, Sam Rugoff and John’s Mom and Dad – Gerry and Elisabeth Hanney are in very good company – all having lost their fight to this disease. We continue to honor them and countless others.

Just when we are about to give up and let this damn disease win, success stories start to roll in. Our dear friend Patti Pape was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a radical double mastectomy – went through chemo, went through reconstruction – NEVER lost her spirit, her hope, her drive, her unbelievable upbeat personality – worked all through it and kept her fears and pain in a quiet place – TODAY – just 9 months later, she looks fabulous, is done with her treatments and is cancer free!!!! We have a number of dear pals who have had cancer surgery over this last year – too many to name – and they are all CANCER free!!!

We honor the survivors, and those fighting the good fight for survival. The survivors are the folks who prove that we are beating the enemy. Hope, unity, diminished suffering, and triumphing, for the many survivors must be the driving force!!!! Every dollar you give will make a difference to the people whose lives are touched by cancer. We cannot do this without your help and never ending support.

CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, FIGHT BACK – we are winning this war, one battle at a time – we have to keep raising funds, keep going to Relay, keep praying, keep helping to save a life today so the Patti Pape story is the only story we ever hear going forward.

So again, The Hanney’s are coming to you for money. Our team has evolved – Bobby Bennetts is our captain, we are now Hanney’s Helpers – we have added young blood so our outreach can expand and we can help more and involve more people – the youth of America is our future!!!

One thing never changes: CANCER KILLS!!!! every day, every minute, every family! We must not loose our resolve to fight the dreaded enemy: cancer, we must eliminate this disease! BUT we can’t do it without your help every dollar you can spare helps to save a life!

It is impossible to wake up each day and not remember the devastation we have felt when we heard that cancer had touched our lives, our family’s lives, our friends’ lives, even our pets’ lives. It is impossible to not want to fight this disease with every ounce of strength we have so that we can watch future generations celebrate nothing but recovery.

Today, we know that there is hope, and that death is no longer a certainty. We know that millions of brave men and women all over the world are fighting and surviving cancer. Research has come light years, and continues to advance daily. All of us have a vital role to play in this fight; we must raise funds so that some day when we hear the diagnosis cancer it is no worse than a cold. We will survive!

With your help we raised through the years we have raised $153,040 this year we would like to achieve a total of $175,000 to celebrate our 10th year of raising funds — the economy be damned CANCER STILL KILLS!!!! The Hanney’s are fortunate to have had a healthy year. Therefore, for the first $2500.00 you donate John and Iris will match your contribution. We are also is proud to own a company that recognizes its civic obligation to give back to the community. Unlimited Priorities LLC will donate $2,500.00 in addition to the funds we raise.

Any cure found by any group is shared with the world, so please don’t feel that because you are not in Florida your participation doesn’t count. Resources from these nationwide relays are pooled together for the betterment of the cause.

Let’s honor all of our loved ones and their memories and their fights let us keep their memories alive!!! They would love that! Please reach deep!!

Please make your check payable to the American Cancer Society, and mail it to:

Unlimited Priorities
1930 SW 48th Lane
Cape Coral, FL 33914

Please send your checks by March 31, 2012 so that we can get the money to the Relay for Life on time. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed. If you would prefer to donate online, use this link. Do the right thing–save a life today! However you choose to donate, we are so grateful!

Our love and gratitude,

John and Iris Hanney and ‘the pups’ and all of Hanney’s Helpers!!!